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Eco Friendly Packaging – Inflatable Air Bags For Void Fill and CushioningPlastic packaging products often attract a lot of criticism, however it is not invariably fair. Inflatable air bags, a cushioning and void fill packaging system developed over the last decade, can be a great example. A polyethylene material, inflatables are really easy to […] View
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    Such options, however, are utilized only for high-end releases targeting the US along with the EU. At present, conventional materials still hold sway because they’re cost-effective, functional and practical. In most cases, incorporating environment-friendly packaging raises manufacturing outlay 30 percent.Wheat straw pulp containers, as an example, are roughly 1 / 2 more expensive than plastic foam. A ton of the natural raw material currently stands at 5,000 in order to six,000 yuan ($731 to $877). Gift and packaging bags made of paper processed with pulp culled from sustainable forests cost 2 to 5 percent more at the same time.To heed the growing necessitate ecologically safe practices, however, suppliers took to recycling instead. Paper waste is reduced to a pulp and reprocessed into new sheets. Others are simplifying designs to ensure minimal using materials.Standardized packaging is really standard at many large home appliance companies in order that wastage can be reduced. Buyers’ logos and patterns differentiate the cartons, but even so, prints are limited by three colors. Modifications, however, are accepted for a small fee.Still you’ll find others that really work with clients to balance minimum wastage and functionality. Electric kettle manufacturer Guangdong Longde Group Co. Ltd collaborates with buyers to ensure its recycled paper packaging could provide optimum protection.Reusable, degradable alternativesPaper is increasingly used to switch wood and EPS foam as packaging material for home appliances. The inner padding or cushioning to the cartons now is available in corrugated or honeycomb paper board. Compared with EPS foam and wood, paper might be reused in multiple ways and is cost-effective. Replacing EPS foam with honeycomb paper board for your cushioning is estimated to slice outlay by about twenty percent.Cardboard may also be adopted in lieu of film packaging for small appliances for the home since it is more affordable and simpler to recycle. The plastic is used to laminate paper gift boxes as well. This type of surface treatment, however, results in paper which is harder to recycle. As such, several companies are incorporating greater earth-friendly UV oil finish, which costs just like film laminates.Shandong Teanhe Green Pak Science and Technology Co. Ltd, meanwhile, uses exactly the same papermaking process to create ecologically safe food and medical packaging products derived from natural wheat straw pulp. The food-grade backpacks are nontoxic, 100 to 120 C oil- and water-resistant, and microwave-, oven- and refrigerator-safe. Not only can the containers be recycled, they can also degrade into fertilizer after being buried in soil for 100 days.Concerns over cost, practicalityIn general, it does not take large and foreign-invested companies that first delved into implementing measures toward achieving sustainable production, including developing environment-friendly packaging. But this has not spread widely enough towards the smaller and locally owned operations. As such, green manufacturing has yet to accomplish economies of scale. Consequently, costs are often higher.Shandong Teanhe’s workaround within the price problem is to the midrange and high-end market. By doing so, the company continues to be able to post thirty percent annual growth since 2008. Even then, R&D has been accomplished to further improve processing minimizing outlay for the wheat straw containers.Apart from cost issues, eco-friendly substitutes sometimes don’t perform as well as conventional materials.

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